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Baltistan has the honour of possessing K2, the World’s second highest Mountain the world. It is also the land of vast glaciers. Boltoro is an enormous glacier estimated to be 36 miles long and one to two and a half miles broad. It is one of the longest traverse outside the Polar Region. Biofo is another vast glacier estimated to be 54 miles long. Biofo – Hispar glacier together form a passage of 76 miles which is the longest glacier traverse, outside the Arctic Region.  It has more than forty five peaks of over 20,000 feet high. It is a mountaineer’s paradise. Ali Sher Khan, ANCHAN, (The Great) was one of the greatest rulers who conquered Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar, Chilas, Chitral and Ladakh. The rule of Ahmad Shah, the last Independent Ruler, came to an end on account of the treachery of his own kiths and kins. The Dogras rules this country ruthlessly for 106 years when the people of Baltistan broke the shackles of slavery in 1947 and liberated themselves




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